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Man Accused of Assaulting Janitor In Front of Students

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(Memphis) Memphis police have arrested a man accused of walking into an elementary school during dismissal time and assaulting a custodial worker.

41-year-old Lazar Webb was arrested Sunday for aggravated criminal trespass and aggravated assault.

The incident happened almost two weeks earlier, on Wednesday, Feb. 27, as students were being dismissed from Levi Elementary School.

Police said that Webb did not sign in as visitors usually do. According to an affidavit, they said he “struck [the victim], placed his hands around [the victim’s] neck, and began choking [him] slamming [him] on a table.”

The report goes on to say kids and teachers “began running and screaming through the hallway.”

The incident was recorded on video. Police said teachers had to break up the fight.

A Memphis City Schools spokesperson said that Webb’s wife was signed in before dismissal time, but he was not.

Policy at the school requires all parents picking up young children to sign in, but those picking up children in higher grades do not have to sign in. They just need to wait in a designated area.

School officials said Webb had wandered away from that area to find the custodian.

MCS staff said that an automated phone call was sent to parents the following day, but the message apparently did not reach Katondra Fullilove, who has three children at the school.

“That’s a good school, but that’s shocking for me not to hear about that,” she said.

Fullilove is familiar with the dismissal procedures and was surprised to hear that anyone could have wandered off.

“We’re not supposed to leave from sitting right there, because if we do, we usually get in trouble from the principal. But see, I don’t know why he got past,” she said.

She said she would like to see a full-time security guard monitor the parents and visitors in that area.

Webb is being held at the Shelby County Jail on a $20,000 bond. He has been previously charged with theft, forgery, especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, vandalism, assault, and domestic assault, among other charges.