Davis Campaign the “Ultimate Referendum”

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(Southaven, MS) Southaven Mayor Greg Davis admits he’s made mistakes, and even made people mad, ”We came to this office thinking outside the box and sometimes that may have, you know, caused some lines and got some people upset when we thought outside the box. But the proof is in the pudding."

Most famously, he got State Auditor Stacy Pickering’s attention, and a massive investigation.

But he says proof of his work for Southaven is all around with new businesses, jobs and more revenue for the city.

He calls charges from his ex-wife and others that he’s running for re-election for publicity, untrue, ”I would say they’re sadly mistaken. I think I’ve had enough publicity surrounding myself the last year and a half, where the publicity needs to be on what’s continued to happen in Southaven."

He says Aldermen’s refusal to fund a new senior citizens center pushed him to file for re-election as an independent.

Davis says his new administration would be different, more accountable and willing to have open discussions with a new board of Aldermen.

He says spending will get close scrutiny, ”We have some new rules we’ve adapted to over the last year and a half for a great checks and balance system and there’s nothing wrong with that, we welcome that."

His scandals, investigation and indictment have cost him a lot of support from people who say they’re fed up.

Davis asks voters to look at the candidates and keep an open mind, ”It’s easy to judge a person when things are going good. It think the best test of character is judge ‘em, when things aren’t as bright as they could be."

He still holds out a belief he might be vindicated in court before the election.

Since Davis’ announcement, other candidates seem to have ramped up their campaigns.

Primaries take place May 7th, with the general election June 4th.

Many call that general election vote, the ultimate referendum on Greg Davis.