Man Who Fire Shotgun At Police Had Been Drinking

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(Memphis) There are so many questions surrounding a Sunday shooting where Memphis police shot and killed a man with a shotgun.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong says he will not be available to answer those questions until Tuesday.

Some people are saying that's not soon enough after a bloody weekend of ten shootings in Memphis.

“We were drinking a little bit. He had been drinking a little bit, and I left because he had been drinking too much and when I came back there was crime scene tape all over,” said Tyrone Carpenter.

Carpenter’s 61-year-old friend Horace Whiting was shot by police Sunday morning.

Police were called to Mississippi and Danny Thomas because Whiting was in the middle of the street with a shotgun.

Investigators say they told him to put it down but he fired, so they fired back killing him.

Carpenter says Whiting was intoxicated when he had the run-in with police, “He was a nice person and he really never bothered anybody and he stayed to himself,."

“Kind guy, loving guy, family guy,” said Whiting’s friend Jordan.

Friends say they can't imagine Whiting going toward police with a shotgun even if he was drunk.

“Real good guy.  Always there when you need him.  He was loved by a lot of people including myself,” said Jordan.

Memphis Police have not released the names of the officers involved in the shooting, or any other details about the incident.