One Killed, Teenager Injured in Raleigh Double Shooting

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(Memphis) - People in one Raleigh neighborhood are sharing their concerns after a double shooting late Saturday night.

One victim died on the scene. The other, neighbors say, is a 13-year-old boy got caught in the crossfire.

Neighbors described it as an all-out gun battle going up Bluff Woods Street in Raleigh. A dozen, if not more, gunshots rang out late Saturday night, they say.

“Several shots and you realize a shooting is going on,” said Mike Hammock, a neighbor who was one of the first on the scene. “You come outside and there was one laying down out there.”

Hammock called police. He found his 13-year-old neighbor with what appeared to be a gunshot to his chest and neck.

“The boy was laying out there with his sister over him and the dad started hollering 'They shot my son',” said Hammock.

However, the teenager was not the only one hurt. Just around the corner on Royal Ridge Dr., another man was found shot. Police say he died on the scene. The teenager was rushed to the med in critical condition.

“It’s sad when a young boy gets shot and another dies,” said Hammock. “I don't know what it was over.”

Neighbors describe the teenager as a good kid who was on his way home from a friend’s house when bullets started flying.

“They say he is a straight-A student, likes to draw, quiet, good boy,” said Hammock. “He got caught in the middle of something that shouldn't have been going on, I guess.”

Details of how it all started and who the intended targets were are still unclear. Police aren't releasing names the victims or giving details of what they know, but neighbors are sure of one thing; the gun fight put a lot of people in danger.

“I have four grandchildren that live here and it concerns me that someone would be so blatant as to be shooting just out in the open like that,” said Esther Rooks.

Neighbors say they did not know who the man was that died. They claim they'd never seen him in their neighborhood before. Anyone who might have information on this shooting can help police by calling Crime Stoppers at 528.CASH.