Gun Found in Backpack of Marion High Student

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(Marion, AR) - It's a phone call no parent wants to get; a gun found at their child's school.

That’s what happened to parents at Marion High School. The gun was found Friday on a student after rumors sent school administration searching for the weapon.

When parents send their kids out the door and on to school they hope they're safe, but when a gun shows up on campus, it can be quite scary to both parents and students.

“When I got [the call], it was actually after school,” said Paul George who fielded the phone call from the Marion High School Principal Friday afternoon.

It was automated message that went out to all parents informing them that a student was caught with a gun.

“I was a little nervous,” said George. “I would be a lot more concerned if they hadn't told us about it.”

Rumors trickled through the school that a student was packing heat.  That's when school resource officers searched the student and found an unloaded pistol in the students backpack. It was unnerving to other high school students, like George's 11th grade son.

“I think he was a little concerned about it,” said George. “I think any kid in their right mind would be.”

The district said in the message that the student with the gun never threatened anyone. It believes the high schoolers were not in any danger.

“I don't know what you do about it,” George said. “I think they're doing the best they can do. I don't know what else they could do except have police officers in the schools with metal detectors all over the place, but I don't know if that's the way you want your school either.”

George regrets the gun made it into the school in the first place, but pleased to hear that no students were threaten or injured.

“Nobody got hurt and that's the main thing,” he said. “You don't want anybody hurt, especially a child.”

The student with gun was arrested by the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office, according to that automated message. News Channel 3 was unable to confirm the information through the Marion Police Dept. or the sheriff's office. They said to call back on Monday.