Good Deeds Help Memphis Church Triumph Over Tragedy

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(Memphis) It’s a special re-opening for a church that triumphed over tragedy. Calvary Church Memphis witnessed one tragedy after another but today they celebrated.

It’s was a festive day in the Nutbush neighborhood for the re-opening of Calvary Church Memphis.

“God has brought all the nations to us here, “said John Pillivant, Calvary Church Bartlett.

The church came here to serve the underserved but became a victim of the people they were trying to help. Last Mother’s Day someone ransacked the church and stripped out all the copper. Two weeks later thieves broke in again stealing the air conditioning system this time.

Phillip Ferrell, Calvary Church Memphis, said, “They never found out who did it. Just know that a lot of things happen in this world and we’re here to love on all people, no matter what. “

The church stayed and prayed in the  heat and then the blessings started to flow. First, a caterer donated one thousand dollars. After that, it’s been one good deed after another.
Ferrell said, “The next day after that we had the people that we bought the church from call me and let me know that they gave us the church so we owed $100,000 on the church and it’s now free and clear.”

The donations are still coming. One came even while we were there. Ferrell went to meet the mailman and came back and told our news crew something else.

He said, “While we were standing out here the mailman showed up and I got this envelope. It’s from Mt. Zion barbershop in West Minister, CA. In it is a check for $25.”

It appears what the thieves meant for bad turned into something good.

“We’re reaching out to the community. God has blessed us and so we’re trying to bless him back by ministering the Gospel to the people here,” said Ferrell.

The church is back open and better off than before. Theirs is a story that mirrors one 2,000 years ago where there was also triumph over tragedy.

The church’s tragic story was written about in a religious magazine. That’s how people across the country heard about its plight.