Two MPD Officers Save Children And Pet From Burning Apartment

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(Memphis) Two Memphis Police officers are being called heroes for saving three children and a family pet from a burning home.

Not on only are these two officers partners on the force, they're both originally from the northeast.

It’s part of how they became friends and that proved to be helpful when faced with when duty called.

“We got people out of a bad situation,” Memphis Police officer, Christopher Delucas.

He and fellow officer, James Schmedes, rushed into a burning apartment, saving three children inside.

They say their fatherly instincts kicked in.

“We've both got kids,” said Schmedes. “We can't let kids die in a fire. It’s unfathomable to do anything but [rescue them].”

Now, the patrolmen are being called heroes, but Sunday morning they say they were just doing the job they were trained to do.

They showed up to a Raleigh apartment complex on a suspicious person call and found a mother locked out of her apartment.

While there, it caught fire with her kids inside.

“They train us mentally to be prepared for anything,” said Delucas. “We really didn't have time to think. We just reacted.”

The officers broke down the door and crawled to the back bedroom, where two young girls slept.

“We scooped them up and brought them outside and we radioed for the fire department and that`s when she said there is another kid in there, and we were like 'oh no',” said Schmedes.

Delucas went back in for the 7-year-old boy and the family dog, while Schmedes knocked down the kitchen fire with a fire extinguisher.

It’s their friendship, the officers’ claim that fuels their confidence when duty calls.

“You don't have to worry,” said Schmedes. “I know that he is going to come back in and grab me if I fall down on the floor because I breathe too much smoke. There's no doubt about it and he feels the same way and you don't have to worry and worry breeds hesitation and we don't have time to hesitate.”

As a result of the officers’ bravery, the Memphis Police Department says they will be nominated for a Life Saving Medal.