Records Show Former Oakland Mayor Is Married To Two Women

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(Marion, AR) A marriage certificate shows former Oakland Mayor Scott Ferguson married Meguilina Mora at the Marion courthouse on St. Valentine’s Day.

The only problem is Ferguson tells News Channel 3 he is still married to another woman who is the mother of his four children.

Mora posted a picture to her Facebook page of Ferguson, who is a former preacher, with her two children.

“That's a good friend, a good friend of mine and her family. At this point in time my wife and I have divorced, but I have remarried,” said Ferguson in response to the picture.

But it's not Mora he's talking about remarrying.

Ferguson says he divorced his first wife last year and married Lori who he claims is the mother of his four children.

Ferguson says he is still married to Lori, but hasn’t been home with her since November.

Ferguson told News Channel 3 Mora was just a friend, but a marriage certificate tells a different story.

Mora didn't return our calls but she commented on a shirtless picture of Ferguson saying "WOW! The most sexy man in the universe!”

When Ferguson resigned as mayor in an exclusive interview with News Channel 3, he said he became blinded by his role as mayor.

“When you chose a life of rebellion I guess or living immorally or whatever it blinds you to reason to a great extent and I look back and see the neglect think what have I done?” said Ferguson.

A clerk at the Marion courthouse says it's easier to get married in Arkansas, because all you have to show is a driver’s license, you don't have to show a divorce decree.

Also, there is no waiting period.

Ferguson has changed his phone number, and we were unable to get in touch with him for comment.

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