Mayor’s Ex-wife Concerned About His Mental Stability

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(Southaven, MS)  Mayor Greg Davis is considering a run for re-election and the news has some people quite angry, including his ex-wife.

“It's time for someone new to come in. One of the main reasons is to give some sort of normalcy to my daughters," said Davis in January.

Davis told us his daughters have had to hear too much painful information, but apparently it's changed as Davis now confirms to us he's considering a run again.

“He voices concern for our children and this exposes them to so much more,” said Suzann Davis.

She said he wants to be a media star, and can't handle the lack of attention. Right now the national press is in the state covering the death of a gay mayoral candidate in nearby Clarksdale. She thinks he wants those eyes on him.

“That wouldn't surprise me at all," said Davis.

She's not the only one saying his intentions aren't in the right place.

“If he is so concerned about the well-being of this city not only would he not run but he'd go ahead and leave now," said Ronnie Hale, a Southaven Alderman.

Davis refused to talk to us on camera saying we keep harping on the crimes he's accused of.