Looking for Love at Walmart

(Memphis) People go to the world's biggest retailer to pick up things like bananas, socks, even truck tires, but love? Apparently, at Walmart there is an aisle for that too.

“Everyone needs love,” said Laura Bennett, who met her husband while working at Sonic.

People look for and find love just about anywhere. Women told News Channel 3 on Thursday that they found love at church and even on a blind date.

A recent study by Psychology Today found that people in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi most often missed their chance at love at Walmart.

“I guess we're just down-home people here in the South,” said Bennett.

The study gathered its data using the Missed Connections section on Craigslist.  It found people in the tri-state area most often spotted a possible love interest at the giant retail center, but couldn't seal the deal.

“I think it’s because people are intimidated,” said Wendy Young. “You know, you see an attractive girl and you're like, ‘I could go talk to her but I’m too scared.”

However, most would say never let the chance at love slip into a missed connection, even if it is at Walmart.

“Try a different approach,” said Mary Slater. “Be brave and talk to a girl in person.”

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