Can A Device Make Using Plastic Wrap & Tin Foil Easier?

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The "Wraptastic" is a dispenser for your plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper.

It claims to eliminate the potential problems that can pop up when using plastic wrap and foil when the pieces won't tear off properly.

Tim Gaines is the owner of "Lost Pizza Company" in Southaven.

At the end of the day he and his employees wrap up certain items in plastic wrap and aluminum foil. He is using the "Wraptastic" so see if it works more efficiently that the traditional way.

The "Wraptastic" does a good job cutting the plastic wrap, foil and wax paper in a straight, even line. But, the no-slip rubber feet that are supposed to grip the counter top surface aren't getting the job done.

The feet slipped on stainless steel, plastic and laminate counter tops, and didn't do much better on granite.

Despite the setback, Tim still likes this $18 product and decided to "PASS" the "Wraptastic."