People Helping Ripped Off Scout Troop

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People are helping a Mid-South Boy Scout Troop replace gear stolen from them.

Some gear has been replaced but more money is needed.

You can help by sending donations to:

  • Munford First United Methodist Church
  • 57 South Tipton Street
  • Munford, TN 38058
  • Make checks payable to Munford First United Methodist Church

(Munford,TN) Thieves have ripped off a Boy Scout troop in Munford,Tennessee stealing the troop's trailer full of thousands of dollars in camping equipment.

It happened just as Troop 66 was preparing to go camping,

"On my honor I will do my best, to do my duty, to God and my country, to obey the Scout law..."

They are words Boy Scout Thomas Choate lives by he and the other members of Troop 66 in Munford.

Choate says it's too bad thieves who stole the troop's equipment trailer don't share the same values, "I was just upset about how we lost a bunch of stuff that meant a lot to us."

It was during Monday night's meeting scouts and their leaders noticed the six-foot by ten foot trailer was gone from its parking spot behind Munford First United Methodist Church.

Assistant Scout Master D J Watson says the list of donated and purchased items stolen is almost too long to name, "We had stoves, we had extra tents, we had cooking equipment, we had certain equipment that we need to pass inspections when we go on official campout."

Estimated loss, including the trailer, could be as high as $5,000.

As Troop 66 prepares for an upcoming "camporee" this weekend, it's already getting donations of equipment from other troops and local businesses.

Munford Police are investigating but D J Watson says the trailer may be a little hard to find, "We never had the money yet to put the logo on, which is unfortunate. So it doesn't distinctly say that it's Troop 66."

As news of the trailer theft filtered through Munford Tuesday, reaction was predictable.

Mark Anderson, Manager of Naifeh's Grocery Store, expressed the feelings of most folks in the Tipton County town, "It's really sad that somebody would stoop so low as to steal from the Scouts. It's terrible!"

Meantime Boy Scout Thomas Choate has just one message for thieves, "Give it back...we need it for this weekend."

If you have information that could help locate the stolen trailer, call the Munford Police Department.