Stranger Scams Two Women Out Of Their Tax Refunds

(Memphis)  Memphis police say two women were scammed out of their tax refunds by a man they were trying to help.

Both women were approached at different times by man at the Walmart in Whitehaven.

Police say in both instances 50-year-old Anthony Williamson made off with their money right after they cashed their checks inside the store.

Elaura Patrick says yesterday she was approached by Williamson in the parking lot after she cashed a $6,100 tax refund check.

She says he appeared to be mentally challenged and showed her a large wad of cash.

He told her needed to keep it safe and would trust her if she put her money in bag with his money.

Patrick says that's when another man approached her and they grabbed her cash and ran.

Police say last month another women was targeted by Williamson. They say in that case he made off with $6,500 in cash.

Patrick is hoping her mistake will keep others from falling for the same scam.

"I hate it. Now, I wish I wouldn't have gone there. I wish I would have put it in the bank. You know, there are a lot of things you can do. We went there and I didn't know anyone was watching us. I didn't know I was this gullible really," said Patrick.

Monday, some witnesses were able to track down Williamson, but police say they are looking for at least one other person who helped him.

Police were able to recover half of Patrick's cash. For more news updates from the field follow me on Twitter.

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