Oakland Mayor Resignation Bad Timing for Chamber

(Oakland, TN) The Oakland Chamber of Commerce is rolling out a new ad campaign it started planning five years ago.

The group spent more than $50,000 on the campaign including a commercial.

The only problem is the campaign starts as the city is getting bad press for the resignation of Mayor Scott Ferguson amid allegations of corruption.

“It's very concerning that as this marketing campaign started these things unfortunately unraveled,” said new Oakland Mayor Chris Goodman.

Goodman hates the bad timing, but says the city must make the best of a bad situation, “Just continue to move forward continuing to heal the town and realize the town is not divided it's for everyone."

Arnie Birmingham is President of the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and doesn't think the controversy will impact people's perception of Oakland, “I know the qualities that Oakland has to offer anyone considering to move out here and I think it's going to be nothing but positive."

Realtors in Oakland say the housing market is starting to bounce back, and they hope the new ad campaign positions them to fill these empty lots as the economy improves.

The campaign runs through the end of April and again in the fall with the slogan "It's Well Within Your Reach."

“We have an extremely low tax rate out here and were very passionate about what we believe in,” said Chamber Executive Director Pattie Krepela.

Krepela says people should see Ferguson was held accountable and the city is moving forward.

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