Mississippi Governor On Sequester, Guns, Voting Rights

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(Olive Branch, MS) Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant arrived in North Mississippi to welcome personal care products company Helen of Troy to town.

Bryant says a great many issues are affecting Mississippi, and its effort to create more new jobs.

He went on to say the Federal Government sequester hasn’t hit home just yet, but he’s concerned about the effect on the State’s military bases.

Bryant said Washington should let governors like him make the cuts, ”Just block grant that to us. If we’ve got to take a cut here in the State of Mississippi, let us decide where those cuts will be made.”

Because he asks who knows better than local leaders where money needs to go?

On another topic, he wants to keep the names of gun permit holders private, for the safety of those who have them, “Sure, of course your wife has a permit to keep and carry a firearm, would you want her name and address in the paper? I don’t think so.”

He says states making such moves have the support of the U.S. Supreme Court.

It comes as Justices consider lifting the provision of the voting rights act, that makes states like Mississippi get Justice Department Approval before making any number of election changes, ”I think it’s very important to see Judge Scalia saying, well what’s the difference between Mississippi and Massachusetts?”

He says the lifting of the special provision for Southern States, will clear the way for Mississippi’s voter ID law, which he notes, several other states, like Tennessee, already have ”Anybody that thinks there is a government intent in Mississippi to somehow re-enforce segregation in order to affect someone’s voting rights, is just misled”.

He says his job is to keep Mississippi moving forward for the benefit of all.