Energy Efficiency Leaves Workers Cold

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(Hernando, MS) The DeSoto Chancery Court Clerk’s office is full of warm and friendly people who say they’re freezing.

”Yesterday morning, it was absolutely freezing to a human body,” said Chancery Clerk Sluggo Davis who explains he and his staff bundle up and buy extra items to stay warm.

”Wool socks, and toe warmers and hand warmers and that kinda stuff”.

And this is all happening in the name of saving money and energy.

County Supervisors hired the Siemens Company last year for 6.2 million dollars to make County buildings “energy efficient.”

The audit was supposed to pay for itself with energy savings, but folks here with coats and extra space heaters wonder from where that savings is going to come.

Workers at the courthouse stay warm with blankets, jackets, even Snuggies.

”It is very cold in here.” “How cold?” “Well, yesterday, it was 62 so we all had our heaters running.” “How many layers have you got on?” “I’ve got several layers on, you have to do that, every day” said Misty Heffner of Nesbit.

The County facilities manager says it’s a programming issue, that it takes a while for the courthouse to warm up after the heat’s turned down over the weekend when the building’s empty.

Come Monday, these people say it’s hard to work here.

”I understand it takes time to get kinks worked out of situations but after a while you get aggravated” Davis explained.

Supervisors have asked a Siemens representative to come up with some ideas to fix the problems by their next meeting on March 18th.