Oakland Mayor Scott Ferguson Resigns over Affair 

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(Oakland, TN) The shelves in former Oakland Mayor Scott Ferguson's office are empty, and he has turned in his key officially resigning as mayor.

"Effective today I'm going to resign as mayor of the town of Oakland. In my personal life I have displayed dishonesty and I have not been true to my wife," said Ferguson.

The Former pastor and now former mayor says he doesn't think he can be an effective leader anymore because of his personal problems.

"When I do wrong a part of my responsibility to God and to them is to confess my wrong and be right, and to bring forth the fruits and the evidence of the sorrow in my heart," said Ferguson.

Ferguson says he became consumed by his role as mayor and started doing things he never thought were possible.

"When we chose a life of rebellion, I guess, or living immorally it blinds you to reason, and I look back and look at the neglect and think what have I done," said Ferguson.

He says  his decision to resign as mayor is his first step at repenting from his wrong doing.

"For once I've shown the willingness to sacrifice myself, and it's a sacrifice on my part and it's humbling to put away the pride that would keep me here," said Ferguson.

He says stories about him on News Channel 3 played a big role in his decision to resign.

"It's really caused me to reexamine my life and look at the corrections I need to make in my life. And it's something that I've needed and I'm really appreciative," said Ferguson.

Ferguson's trustworthiness is being questioned by more people than his wife.

The state is investigating the city's finances  after a complaint was filed that Ferguson was misspending city money.

Vice Mayor Chris Goodman now takes over as mayor and will continue looking into the spending.

"The first thing is to understand what's going on in the books and make sure the town is running efficiently from a budget perspective," said Goodman.

Goodman says the investigation will continue, but he hopes the city can move past the recent controversy.

"I would respect him for doing that and I think it would be a good a good opportunity for the town to heal and come back together as a community," said Goodman.

Ferguson became mayor in 2010 when the former Oakland mayor was kicked out of office on federal charges of misusing city funds.

He says his resignation has nothing to do with the state audit.

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