Day Care Locked Down During Standoff

(Memphis) Family members said Vernard Stafford gave himself up to police after a tense standoff.

It all started more than an hour earlier at this apartment when Stafford showed up and found his child's mother.

“When he seen her coming, my momma said he grabbed her in the house and they went arguing and fighting”, said Shannon Stafford, Vernard's sister.

Police were called, but he wouldn't come out, holed up inside with a gun. 

Officers sent in the SWAT team and evacuated the neighborhood which included a day care center right across the street.

“We have a lot of infants in there”, said a woman who works at the Day Care and had a child inside.

“They told us stay back, move to back of building, can't exit, can't go anywhere”

It was tense for almost everyone involved  but Brandon Owens said he knew eventually Stafford would walk out just like he did. He said it's just not like him to be dangerous or cause trouble.

“I know he wasn't going to do nothing, everybody take stuff differently” said Owens.

None of the children were hurt.

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