Ammo Shortage Hitting Mid-South

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(Southaven, MS) The budget crisis in Washington may have overshadowed President Barack Obama's push for gun control, but the Commander-in-Chief says his fight to change how people are getting a hold of guns is far from over.

At Dabbs Sporting Goods in Southaven the shelves aren't as stocked as they used to be. Owner Monte Dabbs says it’s hard to keep ammunition on the shelf.

“The supply is not meeting the demand,” said Dabbs.

The problem for Monte is keeping his stock up. His distributors can’t seem to replenish his ammunition quickly enough.

“We’ve had the same 12, 13 distributors for 30 years. We have tried to get ammo, it’s just not available,” said Dabbs.

Continuous talks of gun control are keeping customers flying in and out of Monte's Shop. For the past few weeks, lawmakers in Washington went back and forth trying to reach a financial deal before 85 billion dollars in cuts were made. But President Barack Obama says despite all the financial mess, he's still going to push through on gun control reforms.

“Keep our children safe from gun violence. That's the work you elected me to do. That`s what I'm focused on every single day,” said President Obama.

The ammo shortage is so great; the cost is about twice what it used to be. But Monte's distributors have a limit on what he can get from them.

“5 cases of ammo a day and 5 guns per day,” said Dabbs.

So until, a decision is made on what gun control will look like, Monte thinks he'll stay busy.

“I wish I knew this was coming,” said Dabbs.

Elise Preston, WREG News Channel 3.