Stingray Bay To Open At Memphis Zoo

(Memphis) The pandas, penguins and polar bears will soon be fighting for attention at the Memphis Zoo.

Next week, Stingray Bay will open to the public.

Stingray Bay features a 18,000 gallon salt water pool designed for learning and visitor interaction with stingrays and sharks.

Stingray Bay will feature four different types of stingrays and sharks.

Zoo members will get a sneak peek at the new exhibit Saturday.

The exhibit features two species of stingrays and two species of sharks.

It’s the first time Memphis Zoo visitors will get to directly interact with marine life.

“There are random feedings throughout the day. So they swim up to you and think you have food and you get a chance to gently touch their backs and in some cases feed them,” said Abbey Dane with the Memphis Zoo.

Stingray Bay will be at the zoo through October and back again next year.

Admission is $3 for members $4 for non members. That is on top of the regular price of admission.

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