Child Hit by Car while Getting on School Bus in Helena-West Helena

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) A child trying to get on a school bus was hit by a car Friday morning after police say the driver illegally passed the bus.

“I was crossing the street and the car came by and hit me,” said Doz’gshiea Moore, who is 11-years-old.

She suffered a busted lip and broken elbow in an accident she describes as painful.

Doz’gshiea  was crossing the street on Highway 49 when a driver passed the school bus she was about to get on.

Police say the driver hit the girl on her right side, throwing her to the street.

News traveled quickly to Andrea Moore about her daughter's accident. As Doz'gshiea was rushed to the hospital, Moore was thrilled to find her alive.

“I'm just happy,” she said. “I'm trying to remain calm and not get angry because when your child gets hurt you want justice for them.

“After hitting the young girl, police say the driver crashed into a brick and rod iron fence. She was also taken to the hospital, but not before racking up multiple citations.

“In this case we had no skid marks there and from the distance that she traveled she was going much faster than the posted speed limit of 45,” said Captain Charles Smith of the Helena-West Helena Police Department.

He hopes this accident will be a reminder to drivers to use caution in school zones and around school buses, “You need to stay behind that school bus. Even if that school bus does not have any flashing lights, you need to be prepared to stop as it stops to pick up kids.”

Moore, who buried a child last year to a tumor, is thankful her daughter is okay, and says a simple walk to the bus stop, won't be taken for granted now.

“I have to be down at the bus stop now every morning because you can't trust anyone any more,” she said.