Gun At Elementary School For Two Days

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(Memphis) News Channel 3 is working hard to get answers as to how a gun got passed around inside an elementary school for two days before an adult found out about it.

The eight students involved were asked to stay home and the school is recommending they all be expelled.

Administrators say the boy who bought the gun to school was just 7 years old.

The On Your Side Investigators found lots of parents at Ross Elementary are upset the gun bought to school and passed around for two days wasn’t found sooner.

We heard from them by email and telephone.

One woman telephoned to say, “You're not going to tell me that somebody knew that this baby had this gun in this school for two days and nobody knew it.”

Memphis City Schools says the staff at Ross Elementary reported the gun as soon as they knew about it.

We asked when the gun was being passed around on Tuesday where were the students, in a classroom, lunchroom, cafeteria, etc. The spokesperson responded via email.

"We cannot provide that information because it is an ongoing MPD criminal investigation,” said Staci Franklin, Memphis City Schools.

When we wanted to know what type of adult supervision was present in the room where the gun had been and why it took two days to learn about the gun, again we were told they couldn’t provide the information.

“That's unreal. Unreal.  They got security here that they have and the schools they're not doing their jobs,” said John Kronz, Hickory Hill.

MCS did answer our question when we asked what’s being done to have students speak up sooner when something like this happens.

They said the staff at Ross is continuing to emphasize to students the importance of speaking up in potentially dangerous situations.

They’re also encouraging parents to check their children’s backpacks before they leave home.