Guardrails Stolen, Likely Sold For Scrap

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(WEST MEMPHIS, AR) Sheriff’s deputies are patrolling bridges and overpasses after someone stole the Guardrail off a bridge on Waverly Road just South of West Memphis’ Airport this week.

“It was a major job”, said Chief Deputy Mike Callender.

Someone removed twelve foot sections of aluminum from the bridge. Callender said they had to block the road and maybe put up cones and detour traffic to pull it off.

“Our county guys don't wear uniforms a lot of the truck don't have county marking on them so they just think they're out there working”, said Callender.

The metal goes for a dollar a pound at most scrap yards, and money was the likely motivation. Resident’s in the area say the bridge was already not in the best shape. They’re not too worried about safety. Darryl Mack said the county put up wooden replacements, but he’s disturbed someone would stoop so low for cash.

“It's sad, pitiful people who try to do anything to get some money”, said Mack.