Contents of Stolen Backpack Help Police Track Down Robber

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(Memphis) A Memphis City school student was robbed getting off the bus in Hickory Hill near Winchester and Mendenhall Rd.

It didn't take long for police to track down the suspect Cortney McKinney, thanks to the help of Memphis city schools.

It’s alarming to people like Kennedy Moore that a student is no longer safe walking home from a bus stop. A teen's backpack was taken with an Apple laptop inside.

“I think that is pretty sad but that's just the world we live in, people rob, people murder,” said Moore.

The laptop was Memphis City School’s property. That turned out to be the nail in the coffin for McKinney who police say stole it.

Investigators say McKinney walked up to the student with one hand in his pocket, insinuating he had a gun. He allegedly threatened to hurt the student if he didn't give over his backpack. The problem is, he didn't realize the laptop had a tracking device that would lead police right to him.

“Technology is really advanced now days. You can steal a car and get caught so it’s not like back in the day that you could just rob somebody and get away with it,” said Moore. “All of this technology makes it hard for criminals now.”

An MCS employee tracked the laptop to this home on Ranch View Cove in Horn Lake, MS. That's where police found it as well as pictures of the McKinney on the laptop.

No one answered the door at McKinney's home but a man, who didn't want to be identified, says he knows McKinney and has never known him to be violent.

“I'm really shocked,” he said. “I mean, the guys that are from this neighborhood don't typically be on stuff like that.”