MPD Officer Talks About Saving Baby’s Life

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(Memphis) The Memphis police officer who saved a newborn baby’s life is talking about his biggest reward for his part in the ordeal. He’s gotten a lot of praise over the last few days but he gets emotional when he talks about one special thank you.

Each time DUI Officer Anthony Morris pulls a drunk driver off the road, he possible saves a life. Early Friday morning there’s no doubt he did just that.

“I made it up to the vehicle and I could see a young lady in birth, pushing a baby out. At that point the head and shoulders were out the rest of the body came out,” said Morris.

Jeremiah is a healthy baby boy now and it’s thanks to Officer Morris. The newborn wasn’t breathing when he came out and his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

“I`ve seen it on TV but it was something totally different,” said Morris.

Morris’ training kicked in and with the help of a dispatcher he went to work.

He said, “The dispatcher advised me to turn the baby on its side, rub it on its back that way its stimulates him. The baby started crying and breathing.”

Then, he unraveled the umbilical cord from the baby’s neck, borrowed shoe string to tie it off and like and old pro placed Baby Jeremiah in his mother’s arms.

“Most of the time when people say the baby is coming you really don`t think it is but it came,” said Morris.

The baby’s mother thanks Officer Morris on News Channel 3 but his biggest reward came from his own 9-year-old son who saw his dad’s picture on TV.

“He came up to me and said thanks you`re the best dad, in the whole wide world the deep blue sea so that was really, really rewarding to me,” said Morris.

Morris is being nominated for the MPD Live Saving Award.