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Police Union Accuses Memphis of Negative PR

(Memphis) Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams claims there is a intentional effort to defame Memphis Police officers, “I understand the seven officers that were recently on the news. They were simply suspended. Normally for suspended officers they don’t normally show up in the news.”

“I personally believe there has been a campaign to discredit the police. I am a firm believer in that,” added Williams.

The officers suspended were involved in a fight hours after the murder of fellow police officer.

The MPA, along with other unions began negotiating at the beginning of February.

City of Memphis Chief Administrative Officer George Little said the allegations aren’t true.

“We have an obligation to let the public know what’s going on. We have an obligation to respond to media inquiries. And if those things include news that isn’t good that’s a part of it,” said Little.

“The only public relations effort that I’m aware of is that is currently underway is through the police association,” Little added referring to a commercial that was released by MPA several weeks ago.

Each side has until the end of April to negotiate and then the city council will intervene.


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