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Stolen Rolex Watches Belong To Grizzly Player

(Memphis) Memphis Police have charged two men after their employer noticed six Rolex watches missing from a box at a moving company.

The watches belong to Grizzlies player Austin Daye.

Niko Jones and Robert Shipp were both charged with theft and terminated from Ewing Moving Service and Storage on February 15.

According to Memphis police, a manager at the company noticed a box was disturbed and then pulled surveillance video they claimed showed the men taking the watches.

“The manager noticed them and was reporting them to upper management when they realized someone was trying to confiscate them,” said Charles Ewing, owner of Ewing Moving Service and Storage.

Ewing said he runs back ground checks on employees before hiring them but he does hire workers with a criminal history.

“We are supporters of the second chance program and the re-entry program. We do, from time to time, take on employees through that program,” added Ewing.

“We go through different churches and we make sure that they have church affiliation to help us help bring them back into a full circle of society and it has worked very well for us.”

Ewing said his company performs random drug test and uses surveillance of employees. He said this is the first incident of its type since he started the company 33 years ago.

“It’s zero tolerance and we will not put up with it by any means,” said Ewing.

The theft happened at the Ewing Moving Service and Storage facility on Airpark.

The watches, which Memphis police said are worth $54,000, were recovered hidden inside a moving truck.

Austin Daye declined to comment on camera.

He was out of town when the incident happened.

Daye is new to Memphis after he was acquired by the Grizzlies at the end of January.

Daye did tell News Channel 3 by phone he has no hard feelings after the incident.

Jones and Shipp are both out of jail on a $15,000 bond. They are due in court March 4th.


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