Pipe Bomb Found In Mississippi Home

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(Benton County, MS) Deputies in Benton County Mississippi were looking for meth but  found a homemade pipe bomb instead.

Investigators got a tip about the bomb and called in a bomb squad from Tupelo to dispose of it.

Lawmen came to the address on Hamilton Road Wednesday afternoon,  looking for meth and looking for Jason Brooks.

He wasn't home, but his son Jamie was, "They was looking for drugs and they found the bombs and the they called the bomb squad. They brought the bomb squad and they blew up the bomb."

It was Jamie who alerted deputies to the pipe bomb inside the house.

He says the blast shattered the front windows and peppered the siding with shrapnel.

John Wren lives a quarter-mile away and was startled by the sound, "We heard a really, really loud explosion, and it actually shook us. And we knew something was wrong."

Benton County Investigator David Murphey said the pipe bomb was rigged like a booby trap, "There's an electrical wire coming off this pipe. And it had a plug on the end of it."

He said it wasn't the only dangerous thing they found in the house.

There was a potato chip bag, tightly wrapped in duct tape that was not filled with snack food,

"Live rounds, spent rounds, glass shards, pellets. Just an array of products that would cause mass destruction," said Murphey.

Jamie Brooks said his father didn't make the "bombs" to hurt anyone, "He was building it to blow up beaver dams for fishing this summer."

Jason Brooks, who was on probation for meth possession, is now charged with having an unlawful explosive device.

He is being held without bond in the Benton County jail and we are told prosecutors plan to bring his case before the grand jury in March.

Jamie Brooks, who is a local wrestler, was not charged with any crime.