Man Arrested for Soup Kitchen Attack

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(Memphis) A Memphis man is accused of attacking another man in a soup kitchen line.

Police say Antonio Holmes hit the man in the head with an iron pipe.

“A stick about this long, metal,” said Ricky Vargaz, a soup kitchen volunteer at the Saint Vincent De Paul Food Mission.

Vargaz says he saw the victim run away from his attacker.

“You say he jumped over the counter here?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“ Yeah, right here,” said Vargaz.

Volunteers in the soup kitchen say this type of violence doesn’t happen very often.

They say most people that they serve are not trouble-makers - just grateful.

“These folks oblige us to come here and eat,” said Mo Green, who's homeless.

“The great majority of people who come here are appreciative,” said Clyde Anderson, who was once homeless and now works doing clean-up in the kitchen.

They say Wednesday’s brawl was unusual. Sure, fights happen.

People aren't perfect.

“Because of anger and depression and stuff like that ,” said Green.

But in general, the volunteers who’ve served here many years say they keep volunteering because those they greet are mostly inspirational.

“It makes you feel better to be able to help somebody,” said Vargaz.

“If you ask people how they are doing, they`ll say “I am blessed”,” said Volunteer Karen Shimdt.  “Their homeless and I’m feeding them lunch and they are telling me they are ‘blessed’. So what have I got to complain about?

Not much to complain about and they say not much to worry over either most days working at the food mission.

“I feel safe here,” said Shimdt.

Holmes has been charged with aggravated assault.

The victim suffered a three inch cut on his head from the attack but was treated at the hospital and is going to be OK.