Flu Shot Not Working Well For Seniors

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(MEMPHIS) Gita Kumta and her husband Arune brave the cold without worry about getting sick in the winter.

“I haven't had a flu since I've been getting a flu shot”, said Kumta. This year they joined thousands of others around the mid south and grabbed that vaccine only to see the latest report from the government.

It says the most common and dangerous flu bug out there, isn't stopped by this year's shot.  In fact it does little to help more than 90 percent of the time.

“I would still recommend you get the shot, I prefer you get the high dose vaccine”, said Helen Morrow, M.D., Shelby County’s Chief Medical Officer.

According to Morrow, seniors can ask for a higher dosage of the shot and it can help.

“It depends on what strains are circulating and how aggressive they get”, said Morrow.

The news creates skeptics. Earlier this year we were told the shot was an exact match for all strains, now we learn this.