Can A Backpack Save Your Child’s Life?

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(Memphis) When you send your child to school, you expect them to come home safely.

However, a lot of parents are on edge after one of our country's worst ever school shootings, last year's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Now, some parents are considering sending their kids to school with Kevlar in their backpacks.

On Your Side Investigator Stephanie Scurlock tested the so called bullet proof backpacks.

The Kinder Shield is Kevlar, the same stuff bullet proof vests are made of.

For about $200.00 the company claims you can use it like a shield protecting your head, chest and heart from a bullet.

We slid the shield in a backpack along with some books and headed to the Shelby County Sheriff's gun range.

Deputies will be in charge of securing all Shelby County Schools next year.

Deputy Buddy Smith, firearms instructor and expert, assists us in the test. He placed the backpack on the target and set up to shoot it.

"This is about the size of the center of a persons core where the vital organs are in their body," said Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy Buddy Smith, firearms expert.

We try out a .45 first. He fires three times. The shield stops the bullets.

The next time we change handguns and move a stack of four books in front of the shield to see if books alone are enough to stop a bullet.

We fire several rounds then head back down range to see the results.

When we unzip the backpack, we find the thickness of the books actually stopped one of the rounds but not the other. The Kevlar shield stopped the others.

The bullet proof backpack passed the test when it came to handguns but we wanted to know how would it hold up when it came to an assault rifle.

We used a Sig Saur M400, what they call and AR 15 platform.

The AR15 is the same type of rifle shooter Adam Lanza used when he stormed Sandy Hook.

It's the same kind used to shoot up a crowded movie theater in Colorado.

We fire the rifle and when when turn over the backpack we see the bullet went right through the shield and exploded.

Smith said, "Any kind of rifle round would have gone thru here. It's rated to stop handguns, that's it.

The manufacturer doesn't claim the backpack shield will protect you from an assault rifle, only handguns.

We found it lived up to its claims but at a cost of about $200.00. However, we discovered something else that might be just as important. 

In at least one case, that stack of four relatively small books also stopped A bullet.

There are no guarantees books save lives but put together we know they have at least some stopping power