DeSoto to Replace Three Bridges

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(DeSoto County, MS) The bridge on Meadowbrook in the middle of Horn Lake looks sturdy enough, but it has enough structural issues that school buses and trucks aren’t allowed to cross it.

This week, DeSoto County Supervisors voted to spend more than 1.7 million dollars in state aid money to replace three bridges like Meadowbrook.

Supervisor Mark Gardner says they’re still safe, but do need work, ”If they were dangerous for passenger cars we would close them. They were below the threshold. We inspect bridges in DeSoto County each year."

The three bridges are located on Meadowbrook in Horn Lake, Stateline Road, East of old 78, and Starlanding just West of Highway 61.

The three bridges in question scored below 50 on inspection ratings with Stateline scoring an 18, Meadowbrook a 40 and this bridge on Starlanding, a 29.

Right now, school buses have to go around these problem areas, costing more in gas and time.

Gardner says it may cause some inconvenience for people for a while, but the County will work as fast as it can to get the work done, ”We will minimize that, have alternate routes, and we just had to repair a bridge out East of Hernando and the downtime was very minimal."

Work should begin in the next year and a half or less.