Mayor and Citizen Argue Over Gift Cards

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(Southaven, MS) The board of aldermen meeting heated up when Linda Temple, founder of the Concerned Citizens of Southaven group questioned the mayor for spending $4,000 in city money on gift cards to his favorite restaurant, the Mesquite Chop House.

“Mr. Mayor, you put Mesquite on the map”, said Temple.

“Absolutely”, responded Mayor Greg Davis.

“But it wasn’t favorable”, she said.

“Well… they seem to think so, business is up”, Davis added.

Temple kept pushing, pointing to the gift card issue. She also accused the mayor of breaking the law by spending city money on alcohol.

“I’m not going to get in it with you on that, but you’re absolutely wrong on that” replied Davis.

Most side with the mayor on the alcohol rule but either way, the exchange caused many in the board meeting to shake their heads, especially those running for the mayoral seat.

“There are a lot of questions, taxpayers want answers, you need transparency with where every penny goes in the City of Southaven”, said candidate Mark Gardner.

“Just to see the contention and frustration, the citizens have a right to know these things. The mayor and board of aldermen should give the answers the citizens deserve”, added candidate Josh Anderson.