Two Holly Springs, MS Businesses Busted In Synthetic Drug Raid

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(Holly Springs, MS) Police in Holly Springs, MS were looking for bath salts and "spice" being sold over the counter, which is illegal in Mississippi.

Two businesses were raided Friday night.

A female clerk at Sonya's Tobacco and Beer in Holly Springs was one of four people arrested during two drug raids as officers went looking for synthetic drugs.

The owner of Sonya's, Hanmo Kang, was also arrested.

He says he didn't know he was doing anything wrong until police came in and confiscated boxes of the marijuana like stimulant called Spice, "We didn't even know they was illegal, you know. If it was illegal I'm not selling it. You know I follow law always."

Officers also raided the "Fly with the Eagle" convenience store and seized several  boxes of 'bath salts,' which contain synthetic stimulants.

No one at the store wanted to talk about what happened Friday night.

But Holly Springs Police Chief William Hallowell says sales of synthetic stimulants are illegal in Mississippi for a very good reason,

"They've caused death in many cases."

Chief Hollowell is making good on his promise to stop the sale of synthetic drugs in his city. He says Friday's action came after complaints from the public, locally and outside Holly Springs, "Who had stated that they had relatives coming down to Holly Springs to make purchases of synthetic marijuana from these businesses."

The Chief has a simple message for whoever's selling the products,

"These items are illegal and you could be arrested for possessing them as well as selling them."

Chief Hollowell says packets of "bath salts" and "spice" were going for $30 to 35 a piece.

He says the value of synthetic drugs seized Friday in the thousands of dollars.