Mississippi House Votes to End Auto Inspections

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(Southaven, MS) Troy Tardy says his annual Mississippi auto inspection can be a pain, and hard to get done on time, ”I’m about two months past-due, so it’s just finding time to do it and finding a local place that does it."

Mississippi contracts with private garages and service stations to do the $5 inspections that hopefully end with this valuable little sticker in the driver’s window.

Now, lawmakers are taking a hard look at the inspections and many have decided they’re not necessary.

”It started out as probably a good idea, but it’s become a nuisance. Only four other states have them,” said Representative Pat Nelson.

He was one of the many lawmakers who voted to do away with the inspections.

He says there’s little accountability that shops are even doing the checks.

Auto shop owners we talked to say they won’t really miss auto inspections, saying it’s not a real big moneymaker and in many ways, more trouble than it’s worth.

Besides, Nelson says drivers will still have to make sure their vehicles are road-worthy, ”People still need to make sure their cars are running right and safe and check the headlights, check the tires, things like that."

He says police and state troopers will make sure of it.

Meantime, drivers say they look forward to not having to make time for the inspections, even if the state has to make up for the little money it loses, somewhere else.

The bill will go to the Senate next month.