Memphis Police General Investigative Bureaus Now In Operation

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(Memphis) It's been the hub for handling crime investigations for some 25 years.

The Criminal Justice Center, known as 201 Poplar, is the place to file a report, go to court and even go to jail.

But getting in and out isn't always easy.

"Parking is kind of bad too. You see all these  parking spots. A lot these joints are full on Fridays and Saturdays and stuff. It's full," says James Chadwell of East Memphis.

It's one of the reasons the Memphis Police Department pulled several divisions out of the CJC and put them in neighborhood precincts, close to the people.

The new General Investigative Bureaus, now at each precinct as of this past weekend, are made up of 10 sergeants and officers who investigate things like  robberies, auto thefts and burglaries.

If you are a victim or a witness, you have to go no further than you neighborhood police station to file a report or give a statement.

It's good news for Janet Hamilton, who can see the Crump Avenue Precinct from her front yard.

"It's good we ain't got to go all the way downtown. It's just right here. I can walk over there and make my report if I have to," says Hamilton.

Police say about 25 years ago, having investigators at neighborhood precincts was the norm before 201 Poplar became a one stop shop to get all things handled.

Now it's back to the old with hopes of making it easier for people to meet with investigators and establish relationships with those who serve and protect.

"It's good to have a police station right here that protects us and for the police to be around here. I see  them all the time," says Hamilton.

If you are not sure where your precinct is located, the Memphis Police Department has a locater on its website,