Kroc Community Center Opens This Week

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(Memphis) Monday, News Channel 3 took a sneak peek at the New Ray Kroc Community Center, opening its doors later this week.

Construction crews are working hard to get the last minute details all tied up.

The 32 million dollar center has an indoor water park, a 300 seat auditorium and a kitchen where families can learn to cook healthier meals.

The Salvation Army’s latest project is also unique because of a challenge room.

Ty Cobb has designed amusement parks all over the country, but since 1986, he's worked with kids here in Memphis.

He helped design a part of the Kroc Center where kids will work through all sorts of obstacles, “To get them engaged with adults, in a fun environment where they are with adults and solving problems."

Cobb hopes the challenge room will help get kids used to the idea of setting and accomplishing goals.

It’s the whole center Captain Jonathan Rich hopes the community will embrace, “Our goal was to bring the whole community together in way that strengthens the whole community."

Traditionally, the Salvation Army works with families who are starting over.

Rich says the center expands the organizations mission to reach every family and help them enrich their lives.

Memphis is known to top lists every year for obesity and diabetes.

“We would hope to see that needle shift, but over time we strengthen and fall down those lists,” said Rich.

The tough part now is just waiting for the grand opening.

There is a membership fee for the center, but families are invited to check out what the center has to offer for free on Saturday from 9:30 am until 4:00pm.