Twitter Tongue-Slip Tells Congressman’s Secret Tale

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(Memphis) - Public figures like politicians and celebrities often use social media sites like twitter for both their professional and personal lives.

It’s easy to see how quickly a very private moment can become a public controversy.

Journalists and bloggers began asking questions after Congressman Steve Cohen tweeted his love to a 24-year-old woman in Texas.

As it turns out, the woman is his daughter whom he found out about three years ago.

He kept her a secret from his public life.

Cohen who was tweeting quotes from the president’s State of the Union address admits to accidentally posting the private messages on his Twitter feed.

He deleted the tweets three minutes later after realizing his mistake, but at that point, it was too late.

“People forget that the media is waking up to Twitter,” said Amy Howell, Public Relations and Social Media Expert. “Three years ago when I got on Twitter people didn't know much about it, but now the media follows Twitter so anything you're talking about online is open and the media can capture that and before you know it, one tweet that you say can go viral if you're a public figure or someone of importance like Congressman Cohen.”

The congressman initially deflected the questions about the who Victoria Brink is, but eventually confessed to being her father after getting permission from the Brink's mother.

In any case, Howell says if you have to assume anything information you put online has the potential to end up in the public spectrum especially for those who are public figures.

Also, you never know when a hacker could hit exposing everything.