Mother of Cohen’s Daughter Ran for Congress in 2006

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(Memphis) We’re learning more about the woman Congressman Steve Cohen had a child with in 1988.

An accidental tweet led to the congressman talking about the daughter he met for the first time three years ago.

They say opposites attract, and that could be the case of Democratic congressman Steve Cohen who fathered a child with this republican attorney who ran for congress in Texas six years ago.

“This is her mother and I from many, many, many years ago, and this is where we kind of got to know each other,” said Congressman Steve Cohen as he looked at a picture of he and Cynthia White Sinatra.

Congressman Cohen says he was close to the woman in the 80`s and Googled her a few years ago to see what she was up to.

That`s when he found out she had a grown daughter and he started to put the pieces together.

“I haven`t been able to talk about this publicly because it wasn`t known to others of our relationship and it had been kept secret for years,” said Cohen.

Cohen says the Houston attorney who is the mother of his child raised his daughter Victoria Brink with another man who knew nothing about Cohen.

“I hope that the other gentleman who raised her and did a wonderful job with her and supported her over the years is taking this in the best way he can and I thank him for everything he did,” said Cohen.

Cohen says people jumped the gun trying to turn some innocent tweets during the state of the union into a love affair, “My daughter is beautiful. And she has a great figure, and she has had some opportunities to pose as a swimsuit model.  And that's all they've been able to concentrate on."

Cohen says in the past few years he started a relationship with his daughter and even took her to the White House Christmas party.

Cynthia White Sinatra has been married three times and has three children.

She married Frank Sinatra Jr. last decade, and kept his last name after they divorced.