Mayor Wharton Asks for Community Help

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(Memphis) Memphis Mayor A C Wharton has his plan to combat gun violence in the city of Memphis but he says city administration and Memphis Police can’t do it alone.

“Don't come crying once they get downtown, don't send them to the adult court, he's just a baby.’ He may be a baby but he's got a man-sized gun in his hand that will kill real people,” said Wharton.

We asked him about a YouTube video that was posted online at the end of last year showing several gang members holding up weapons and threatening the life of a rapper.

“Those guns are probably stolen. They may be on YouTube today but as a defense lawyer I see how those steel door cling that's what they have coming point blank,” explained Wharton.

Memphis Police said they are aware of the video but have not said if they are investigating.

Wharton has revealed his “Memphis Gun Down” plan which includes working with legislators to create harsher penalties for illegal gun activity, several community outreach activities and law enforcement programs. But he said friends and family can act now.

“Their moms, daddies, big brothers and big sisters can go to them now before the police get them.”

The website is set to launch over the weekend.