Former Staffer Knew About Cohen’s Daughter

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(Memphis) The community is still talking about the revelation you heard first here on News Channel 3 yesterday.

Congressman Steve Cohen announced the young bikini model he exchanged tweets with during President Obama’s State of the Union address was actually his daughter.

He says he found out about her 3 years ago.

Very few people in Memphis knew about her but News Channel 3 found one person who did.

Randy Wade has been Congressman Cohen’s right hand man in Memphis since he was elected six years ago.

When the Congressman brought his daughter to visit the city recently, Wade was one of the few who knew who she was.

Wade said, “Yes, I knew about it.”

Former Congressional aide Randy Wade wasn’t surprised when his old boss revealed to the public he had a daughter out-of-wedlock.

Wade met 24-year-old Victoria Brink last month when she visited Cohen in Memphis.

“As a matter of fact, she hugged me and I hugged her. She’s a beautiful young lady. I just hate people took it all out of context,” said Wade.

After tweets between the congressman and Brink went public, there was speculation the young woman might be a romantic interest.

Cohen came forward with the truth after the media pressed him.

“I feel that he wanted to do that so he could really enjoy the love that he had for his daughter and now it’s done.  Hopefully, there’s a healing process.  They can get together and be father and daughter and that’s the way it should be,” said Wade.

The revelation came exactly a week after Wade suddenly stepped down. Wade says the timing is coincidental and isn’t sharing why he is no longer a part of Cohen’s congressional circle.

“It needs to stay in the house. It needs to stay right there. I’m not upset.  The Congressman did not ask me to leave. He did not ask me to leave,” reiterated Wade.

Wade says leaving the congressman’s Memphis office gives him a chance to do other things.

He’s spending his time now launching the Memphis Community Outreach Agency where he hopes to help people all over the city solve everyday problems.

The number to reach that agency is (901) 265-8124.