Crippled Cruise Ship Affects Mid-South Travelers

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(Horn Lake, MS) The crippled Carnival Triumph cruise ship is affecting Mid-South travelers.

A Horn lake woman says she and her family made the 600-mile trip to Galveston, TX on Monday to board the Triumph for a five-day cruise.

Right before they got there, Carnival postponed their departure, only to cancel it next day, the day they were supposed to leave.

Susan Deuvall says she was extremely disappointed, but that its better to have been canceled than to be stuck in the middle of the ocean on a ship with a shortage of food and overflowing toilets.

"They were the ones that were miserable out there and I am just so grateful that it wasn't me," said Deuvall.

Her trip was the first of a dozen that have been cancelled because of the engine-room fire. She said she is waiting on a refund from Carnival.

The cruise line told Deuvall that she would be getting discounts on a future trip, but she's not interested now.

A woman from Memphis was on the triumph a week before it broke down.

She says they were experiencing propulsion problems on their trip.

They even got into their final port late, causing some people to miss their flights home.