Caption Bill Could Make Law for Municipal Schools More Likely

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(Bartlett, TN) Suburban lawmakers are trying to guarantee their bills allowing municipal schools in Shelby County don’t fail.

They are tacking on a fourth bill that will give them the chance to try again if their bills fail and won’t allow them to create suburban schools.

Right now, state laws ban cities in Tennessee from creating their own school districts, but lawmakers are working on bills to lift that ban and allow suburban schools.

Senate Minority leader Jim Kyle says caption bills are fair game when it comes to the legislative process, “A caption bill doesn’t have any content.  It is general a placeholder in case something should happen to your main bill or you don’t have an idea as how to solve that problem yet.”

It can basically be a do over, or give lawmakers a second chance to push through their bill if it doesn’t work out the first time.

Next week, Shelby County Commissioner Wyatt Bunker will introduce a resolution to stop the county’s lawsuit against the suburbs blocking them from opening schools.

Bunker says the commission is using the lawsuit as a delay tactic to stop suburban schools, “What it`s doing now is delaying the seating of the school boards and the appointment of their superintendents and the hiring of their staff and the acquiring of the buildings and the facilities.”

Commission Bunker says if the lawsuit is dropped county schools will still join with the city schools under one unified umbrella in August, but they will operate duly and that means current teachers, staff and other resource levels will remain the same.

Bunker says suspending the lawsuit would also save taxpayer millions of dollars in legal fees as they wait to see how lawmakers votes.