Voters React to News Cohen has Adult Daughter

(Memphis)  Rep. Steve Cohen announced on Valentine's Day he had a daughter, a 24-year old woman. Cohen said he learned the daughter existed three years ago. The revelation means he ran for re-election and did not reveal to voters that he was a Dad.

Big Deal?

Most say no.

"It's not really our business", said one voter. "I know he's a public figure, but that's a very private and personal matter".

Democratic party chair Van Turner, had not heard of the news, until News Channel 3 contacted him, but was shocked by it. Cohen was known as a longtime bachelor.

Still, Turner said the decision to withhold the information was understandable.

"I don't think it hurts him, or changes the way anyone feels about the election." Turner said.

"If anything it's a positive."

Cohen said while he didn't share the news with voters, he did introduce the young woman to his colleagues in Washington, as his daughter.

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