Memphis Women Join Global Anti-Violence Movement

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(Memphis) A group of women in Memphis joined with a global movement to stand up to violence against women.

The protest took place at the corner of Cooper and Union, where women held signs, read poems, even danced.

Organizers said 'One Billion Rising' is a way to celebrate women and draw attention to violence women face in Memphis and around the world.

"One billion women rising is a revolution," said Allison Glass, who organized the gathering in Memphis.

The global gatherings are a big action to take on an even bigger problem.

"It's about women rising up and saying we're over it," she said. "We're not going to stand for it, this global epidemic of violence anymore."

Glass says one out of every three women around the world will be victimized by violence. That means one billion women will either be raped or beaten in their lifetime.

"A big part of the rising is women coming together as a community, standing in solidarity with women all over the world and we're not going to be silent anymore," said Glass.

She says more than half the woman affected by violence do not report it. She claims Memphis sees way more than the national average of violence towards women, "Our overall numbers are about more than half of the national standard so it's a really big problem in Memphis."

This group joined other groups around the world on Valentine's Day to make their final stand, Glass says, to end the violence towards woman and the indifference towards violence .

"Hopefully they'll see us out there and see some of the signs and something will kind of click and people will say 'Oh, yea. We need to start paying more attention to these issues'," said Glass.

She says this movement is in every country around the world. Live feeds can be seen online at: