Memphis Police Union Says More To Supension Of Seven Officers

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(Memphis) – Plenty of people investigated what happened at Linden and Second Street the morning of July 4, 2011, after several police officers got into a fight with two men, Michael McDonald and Quinton Lytle.

The two were arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Police say they were loud and causing a disturbance.

But McDonald and Lytle say the police used excessive force, striking and viciously beating them.

McDonald and Lytle filed a complaint

“They did go the Internal Affairs and made an administrative complaint. It was also investigated by the D.A.’s office and they found no grounds to prosecute,” says Mike Williams, President of the Memphis Police Union.

It wasn’t over.

It took nearly two years before the Memphis Police Department did its own administrative hearing for each officer on January 30th of this year.
Police Union President Mike Williams believes the department was pressured to take action.

He says Lytle and McDonald were University of Memphis Football Players and the pressure was on police .

“The University of Memphis is a highly regarded school and has a lot of influential people in the booster club, the Highland 100 and different individuals that have status in this city. So I am sure there was pressure from somewhere to pursue this,” says Williams.

January 30, 2011, two years later, the seven officers were handed 4 to 10 day suspensions for excessive force and violating personal conduct rules.

“I am glad it wasn’t more severe,” says Williams.

The police union says the officers plan to appeal.

By the way, the president of the University of Memphis’ Highland 100 says there is no truth to anyone from his organization pressuring the police department to do anything.