Deputies In Craighead And Greene County, AR Search For Suspect

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(East Arkansas) A crime alert tonight for a Jonesboro man on the run. Wanted for aggravated sexual assault.

Eric Kent is considered armed and dangerous: making him the focus of a two county manhunt going on right now.

Paul Adams lives near the search area,

"It's just a bad situation and I hope they find him soon."

For more than 16-years Paul Adams has enjoyed a peaceful and quiet retirement on Greene County Road 704.

He says that changed Wednesday night,

"I did hear the helicopter flying around the area with a spotlight. And there was quite a bit of traffic in and out. And so I didn't get out and try in interfere in any way."

Lawmen from Craighead and Greene Counties in Arkansas swarmed the countryside looking for Eric Kent.

He's wanted for aggravated sexual assault Tuesday night near the intersection of Highways 927 and 928 in Craighead County.

Investigators say Kent's girlfriend manage to escape and reported the assault.

Kent was spotted Wednesday afternoon in Greene County on Highway 358 where he abandoned his car and disappeared into the woods.

A K-9 unit sniffed out a fully loaded pistol, but Kent is still on the run and considered armed and dangerous.

People are being warned to stay indoors and Paul Adams says he's glad to comply,

"I didn't venture outside: just stayed in, had my doors all locked, even had my alarm system on. I was ready if somebody tried to break in."

Brad Arthur lives on Highway 358.

He says all the law enforcement activity near his home is very unusual,

"We don't get that out here in this area very often, something like this going on. So it's uncommon."

He says as long as Eric Kent is free, he'll do whatever's necessary to protect his family,

"Protection within my house. I have something there for my protection as well, a weapon there, just in case. You never know in this day and age."

Deputies have several locations under surveillance looking for Eric Kent. He's already wanted for domestic battery in Craighead County and theft in Greene County.