College Student Says Cops Attacked Him and Friend

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(Memphis) There is an update on 7 Memphis police officers suspended for beating two University of Memphis football players.   One of the victims says he was kicked and punched by those off-duty officers almost two years ago is telling his side of the story. The two men filed a lawsuit against the officers and the Memphis police department.

These young men have waited all this time to tell their story. They waited to give the justice system a chance to work but now they’re feeling as if the system worked against them.

“For the longest time I wanted to be a police officer. I was going to school for it. I worked for company called Streets Ministries. I teach kids I love the police and everything but then I'm kind of bitter towards them,” said Quinton Dupree Lytle.

23-year-old Lytle is still trying to get over what happened to him and his friend, Michael McDonald, July 4th almost two years ago. They say 7 off duty Memphis police officers beat them by kicking them and punching them.

Lytle father’s said, “Police jump my son and by the way all the beating happened after he was handcuffed. They took me down. He said Dad I thought I was going to die. “

Lytle and his father are upset the officers involved were only suspended and not fired.  The $2.5 million dollar lawsuit they filed in federal court for violating their civil rights. The Shelby County District Attorney has also decided not file charges.

The lawsuit spells out what Lytle and McDonald say happened. It says Officer Marico Flake told them to “take your snow bunnies and keep it moving” because they were walking with young white women. He never identified himself as an officer according to the lawsuit, saying only “I’ll show you who I am”. That’s when the lawsuit says Flake’s fellow off duty officers joined in and struck viciously beat them.

The two men spent the night in the MED and another day in jail before they were released. All charges have now been dropped but that doesn’t erase what happened to them.

“One of the things my son said after he'd been beaten was Dad I forgive them for what they did to me,” said the victim’s father.

The incident happened the same night a Memphis police officer, Timothy Warren was shot and killed in an unrelated incident. However, during the time Lytle says the officers were kicking him, one of them said this is for my comrade.