Unified Superintendent And Board At Odds Over Budget

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(Memphis) The Unified Shelby County School board is asking the County Commission for $145 Million to fund its budget for the newly unified schools.

The board overruled Superintendent John Aitken who only wanted to ask for just over half that.

Aitken says asking for so much money isn’t a compromise or realistic when it comes to negotiations, “The concern that I have is realistic and productive in moving forward in talking with county commission what`s going to be the outcome of that.”

Most board members said lowballing the budget would stop children from getting a “world-class” education.

The board needs to give the county a firm request in the next few days because county commissioners need to start working on next year’s budget.

“We`re going to take the recommendations of the board obviously and go back and no much more work now,” said Aitken.

The county commission plans to hammer out the details of its overall county budget within the next few months, so the clock is ticking for schools.