Southaven to Adopt New Building Codes

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(Southaven, MS) Builder Donnie Chambliss says his business is finally starting to crawl out of the economic slump of the last few years, so when he heard about proposed building changes in Southaven, he had to come have his say.

”In the past, no fault of any, I’m sure that most of the codes, the changes, we find out about on the job site, this has been changed it’s kinda hard to go back and re-do it," said Chambliss.

Southaven proposes to update its building codes, which will require some changes that might cost home builders and home buyers a little more.

City planners say it’s needed in the same of safety.

”Right now we’re under 2006 building codes. It’s obviously time to update. This is 2013 and the latest and greatest is 2012, so we want to be as updated as possible” said Southaven Planning Director Whitney Choat-Cook.

Southaven would reportedly be the first in DeSoto County to adopt the updated codes.

The most recent regional building code calls for major changes like energy-efficient windows, more seismic and electrical protection, and most expensive of all, sprinkler systems for all homes.

Board members had concerns about the cost, and pricing themselves out of a growing housing market.

Builders like Chambless say it’s a good compromise, because it won’t cost most families very much more, ”How much it is gonna raise the cost of a home? Approximately $2-300."

Bigger homes and commercial buildings would come under the tougher and more expensive codes.